How can you apply for a freelancer license in Abu Dhabi?

Working in Dubai as a freelancer was a dream for foreign nationals. Foreigners weren’t able to obtain a work permit unless a company-sponsored them.

The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development (ADDED) recently announced that UAE nationals, residents, and non-residents could apply for a freelancer’s license in the UAE.

The freelancer license was previously available to UAE nationals only.

This license aims to enhance and diversify the business sector in the UAE. This has, for effect, also create more job opportunities there.

With the freelancer permit, people will be able to apply for residency visas. Not only that, the holder of the license will be competent to sponsor his or her family through the family visa.

This visa will be valid for up to two years, which is the license’s validity term.

The cost of the freelancer license is 530 AED.

People interested in applying for the freelancer license should know that they are required to show that they are experts in the field they seek to be licensed.

This means that they should have a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree, or a certificate of experience. Otherwise, they won’t be eligible for the freelancer license.

People interested in the freelancer license can apply in 2 ways: either through the Abu Dhabi Business Center or by calling the ADDED.

People need to create an account with the Abu Dhabi Business Center.

To create the account, you should provide the following personal details:

  • Your full name;
  • Your email address;
  • Your mobile number; and
  • Your passport number.

After creating the account, you should apply for the freelancer license, which falls under the commercial license category.

To issue the license, you should provide the authority with specific documents.

These documents include:

  • Proof that you are an expert in the activity you opt to get licensed in, such as a bachelor’s degree as mentioned above.
  • No Objection Certificate or NOC if you work in the government or the private sector under a permanent contract or as a part-timer.

It is essential to mention that people applying for the freelancer license must not have an office. Thus, people can be freelancers working from home and earning money.

This gives a huge advantage to people and especially parents.

The ADDED identified 48 activities that can be conducted under the freelancer license.

The license covers many consultation activities such as legal consultation, technical installations, pest control, and goods designs.

It also covers a vast range of specialties, such as translation, drawing, web design, jewelry design, etc.

This freelancer license holds a lot of advantages for foreign nationals. It will enable them to work and reside in the UAE without obtaining a work permit and being sponsored by a company.

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