The current times have witnessed a spike in the usage of augmented reality in all industries to a great extent. But previously augmented reality was only used in games and entertainment sectors. However, now it has been extensively used in all sectors for its potential making things better for businesses to the healthcare industries. Here are the top industries using augmented reality in 2021:



The manufacturing industry is a huge set that needs precise and accurate decisions for effective processes. But these complex tasks for better decision making can be taken using augmented reality technology and empowerment of the workforce with the help of remote support. Through this remote support, the instructors are capable of giving instructions to the site workers while encouraging issues concerning machines and the industry. Manufacturing is one of the top industries using augmented reality in 2021 to reduce machine downtime and cutting down costs of the solutions.


Healthcare is also using augmented reality for many purposes such as improving the education for the medical staff and patients, helps in understanding the anatomy and body functions in detail, and formulates 3D models for learning proposes. It is also utilized by surgeons to enable the modelling of a three-dimensional representation of patients’ autonomy. The augmented reality in the healthcare sector is making the visualization process easy and accurate.


Education is a sector where innovation is of great help since the learning processes are traditional. Augmented reality can engage students and staff making the learning process a fun-filled experience. This technology offers the teachers an opportunity to showcase real situations using 3D modelling making the teaching process interesting. With the covid-19 pandemic’s hit, education is one of the industries using augmented reality to its full potential.


Mining is a sensitive sector where the machinery and the working environment becomes vital for other processes to take place. With the use of augmented reality, the center experts can inspect from far away or virtually all the machines along with their surroundings. Mining is one of the top industries using augmented reality in 2021 for monitoring the dangerous processes and ensuring the worker’s safety.


Maritime is one of the industries using augmented reality to a great extent. The maritime industry takes the help of augmented reality in overcoming the challenges of maintenance, remote assistance, workforce training, and inspections. Since training of the employees operating offshore is very important and this can be done using augmented reality for remote assistance, offering real-time training, and dealing with complex issues.


The insurance industry is a space of complex and unexpected processes and so direct customer support has a critical role in this industry. Since the agents are required to visit the place in terms of vehicle damage or property the augmented reality is making things easier for agents in attending issues remotely. This can reduce time, cost and can be an effective and quicker process. And so the insurance sector becomes one of the top industries using augmented reality in 2021 by making agents virtually closer to the customers.


Travel is one of the industries using augmented reality in 2021. With the help of augmented reality, the tourist can experience 360-degree tours that are easily accessible giving them an opportunity to virtually explore the places before visiting them. This can be an added value to travel agencies, hotels, and restaurants in attracting their customers.


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