Find a real estate and tenancy lawyer

Why is real estate law important?

Whether it's your home-sweet-home, your place of work, or your livelihood, chances are real estate plays a big part in your life. Laws and regulations related to real estate and tenancy are unique and raise specific problems which are not present in other transactions.

How can a real estate lawyer help you?

Whether you are a landlord drafting a lease agreement or a tenant being evicted, you will need a lawyer to help you understand your rights and obligations and potentially win your case.

On the other hand, a real estate lawyer can help you also review a land purchase agreement before you sign it. Important documents can be hard to understand if you are buying a home for the first time and there are a lot of things to take care of in the home buying process. When you close your purchase and you finally decide to sign on the sale agreement, your lawyer should be there with you.

Furthermore, the role of a real estate lawyer is crucial when it comes to evaluating the liens, easements, and other obligations on record for the property. A real estate lawyer will make sure that you receive a deed to the property that is subject only to the encumbrances that you have agreed to.

Did you know?

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