Find an employment lawyer

What is employment law?

Whether you are an employer or an employee, employment law is a topic which will affect you, so it is important to have a good understanding of it. Essentially, employment law is the legal field which covers the relationship between employees and employers, including what your employers can expect from you and ask you to do, and the rights you have at work.

How can an employment lawyer help you?

If you are are being asked, or pressured to, sign a contract you don't fully understand, such as a non-disclosure or a non-compete agreement, or if you are facing a conflict with your employer, you will most likely need a lawyer to help you solve it.

An employment lawyer can tell you what are your rights and obligations, evaluate the merits of your case and help you understand the outcomes you might expect, advise you on whether it is better to negotiate a settlement or to litigate your complaint in court, represent you in court and defend you against your employer’s claims and keep you updated of any new regulations or laws that might affect your case.

How to prepare your first meeting with an employment lawyer?

Before you meet with your lawyer, start by writing the background of your complaint detailing the chronological events. Prepare all the relevant documentation, such as employment contracts, notices and warnings, printouts of email communications, and any side agreements signed with your employer. If your case involves a work-related injury, be sure to also bring with you relevant medical reports and a list of all your medical expenses.

During the meeting, pay attention to the way the lawyer answers your questions. Was the lawyer clear in his or her explanations? Were the answers realistic and to the point? Based on your discussions, you can then agree with your lawyer on the terms of their engagement.

Did you know?

In most countries of the MENA region, labor laws constitute a main mechanism to protect employee’s rights, since collective bargaining is not widespread.