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Frequently asked questions

Working with a Virtual Lawyer can be weird – Check why it is NOT.


Who is Lexyom? And why would I trust you guys with my legal matters?

Lexyom is founded by Lawyers Rami Alame, Nadine Imad & a full team of dedicated people using Fully encrypted software & Next level privacy.


And so what? Why would I trust a Software with my legal matters?

We know you want to see a live Lawyer, but our software has been done by Lawyers and we made sure to add 24/7 chat support for you to feel safe.


I don’t want your dashboard! Why can’t I get the standalone contract only?

We get that it’s weird, but we have a vision to make Legal easy. This is why even if you get ONE Contract, you get access to a full year of Startup Contracts. Super hard to believe right? Well it’s true and more than 5,000 people already got it.


So to get things straight? I buy a contract and I get a full year of contracts?

YES, you get access to our software to generate as many contracts as you need for the price of ONE + The full 24/7 Chat Support to answer questions + the Legal Academy where you have Premium videos to learn all about Legal whenever, wherever.


That seems amazing, but can I cancel my subscription whenever I want?

Lexyom is here to help you. You pay ONE TIME per Year and you can cancel ANYTIME. We will be sad to see you leave but when you do, all the documents stored on Lexyom will be sent to you and deleted from our system forever. We hope though you believe in second chances.


Oh so I can store my documents on Lexyom as well?

OH YES, forgot that. When you create contracts on Lexyom, send them for signature using DOCUSIGN, you can then store them on Lexyom so that you create your amazing data room & share it with potential investors whenever you need to. This will cut your funding round time by more than 60%.


And last thing what if I sign up and I do not like your service?

It is perfectly fine, the service may not be suitable for your specific business. You can reach out and we can work with you to make it suitable or you still can use the 30 day Cash-back Guarantee that Lexyom offers. Just Email us and we’ll make it happen.


Okay great any more perks I can have 😒?

Hehe, sure. You get 15% OFF on all personalized services like registering your company, your startup brand; and any personalized service we offer. You get access to our premium community of founders & Investors called “Lexyom Diamond Hands” [LDH]: A Private channel & Exclusive Investor / startup matchmaking events organized by us.

A Cofounder Agreement to agree with my partners
A Freelancer Agreement to hire someone super quick
An NDA to protect Information I am sharing with others
An ESOP Structure to reward my early team members
An agreement with my investor to make sure I get the money
Funding for my startup to scale internationally
An NFT License agreement  to sell NFTs
Other agreements I might need to run my business

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