Lexyom Legal Services Terms & Conditions

These terms (the LSTC) incorporate Lexyom's general Terms & Conditions (the Terms). The LSTC shall apply to the Lexyom Leads Plan (the Plan), and shall prevail in case of conflict with the Terms.

Participation in the Plan at Lexyom's discretion, and subject to the Lexyom participation guidelines. Lexyom may amend these guidelines at any time, and Lexyom is the sole arbiter of their application. In all cases, Lexyom will only validate a lawyer’s registration to the Plan after receiving a photocopy of the lawyer’s identity card or Passport and a copy of his professional license.

In addition to the LSTC and the general guidelines set out by Lexyom from time to time, there may be additional terms applicable to categories of service or a specific service. We will let you know what those terms are when you sign up to offer a particular service, and you must agree to those terms before you can participate in such offers.

VERY IMPORTANT: When clients choose you for a legal service, you must be the one who calls them back. Clients are real clients, and they paid for your help and assistance, not the one of your receptionist, secretary, paralegal, another lawyer in your office, or anyone else.

Your relationship with Lexyom: You acknowledge and agree that Lexyom’s provision to you of the Lexyom platform and the Plan services creates a direct business relationship between you and Lexyom. Lexyom shall not be deemed to, direct or control you generally or in your performance of legal services to Lexyom users.

Lexyom sets the pricing for legal services, and the prices clients pay are subject to change. Continuing to offer a service after a price change will indicate your agreement to the price change.


You agree to receive service-related text messages to the mobile phone number you provide during the enrollment process (or any number you provide in an update to your online account settings).

In consideration of Lexyom’s provision of the platform and the Plan services, you agree to pay Lexyom a service fee of 10-15% (Service Fee) on a per transaction basis calculated as a percentage of the legal service package price as provided to the user on the Lexyom platform.


By the 10th of each month, you will get paid the entire amount paid by the client for your services fulfilled in the prior month, net of refunds.


These are specific to the service categories, and they will be shown to you when you sign up for the Plan. It is critical that you meet or exceed all turnaround and response time expectations, without which you risk being removed from the Plan.


You can choose, for many valid reasons (a conflict of interest, lack of experience in a particular legal issue, too busy, etc. ) to turn a service down and not fulfill it even after a client has chosen you and paid for the service. The client will be refunded or connected to another lawyer. To turn down a service, email hello@lexyom.com with the client name, service name, and your request to decline the service.


We can remove or suspend you from the Plan at any time at our discretion. Here is a non-exclusive list of why we might remove or suspend you:

Lexyom uses Stripe to collect your account data from financial institutions. By using our service, you grant Lexyom the right, power, and authority to act on your behalf to access and transmit your personal and financial information from the relevant financial institution. You agree to transfer, store and process your personal and financial information by Stripe in accordance with Stripe's Privacy Policy

Questions? Please contact hello@lexyom.com