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01 Feb 19
Yara Fadli

Copyright Law on the Internet

The human brain can be compared to a fascinating machine, constantly eager to create and innovate. It has a remarkable particularity of always finding something that the world could be missing, might that be an idea, a piece of art, a musical composition, or any other creation that it is able to come up with. […]

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11 Oct 18
Rami Alamé


Lawyers are risk-averse. Many of us went to law school to get a stable well-paying job. The practice of law itself is all about reducing or allocating risk. Most lawyers who practice have never started their practice or started their own business, and they have no idea what the typical business person goes through on […]

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05 Sep 18
Rami Alamé

The new age in corporations: equity crowdfunding and more.​

With new technologies looping around the corner, businesses are facing a hard truth to cope with: what was for granted in the last century is obsolete in this one. The grocer who relied on constant revenues from returning clients suddenly started feeling the pressure of low revenues at the end of the month; the carpenter […]

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