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16 Apr 19
(Français) Rami Alamé

How lawyers work with VCs

After the 2007 financial and economic crisis, the world went into a new era that brought with it amongst others, salary cuts across industries, disruptions, startups, cryptocurrencies and venture capital firms. Indeed venture capital firms (VCs) have grown drastically alongside the startup ecosystem that flourished across the globe. One of the industries that got a […]

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02 Mar 19
Nadine Imad

In the Wake of Blockchain

Blockchain technology has hit the world by storm and before we knew it, people were already conversing about blockchain during informal dinners and other social activities. Blockchain became popular through cryptocurrency and made its way to everyone’s life through the dream of becoming filthy rich. The blockchain is an undeniably ingenious invention – the brainchild […]

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01 Feb 19
Yara Fadli

Copyright Law on the Internet

The human brain can be compared to a fascinating machine, constantly eager to create and innovate. It has a remarkable particularity of always finding something that the world could be missing, might that be an idea, a piece of art, a musical composition, or any other creation that it is able to come up with. […]

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