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Arash Zad

United Arab Emirates - Dubai - 17th Floor, Vision Tower 1, Al Khaleej Al Tejari 1 Street Business Bay


With almost two decades of legal experience in various areas of law, I have combined tailored services with efficiency and directness for each of my c


  • Partner – Hussain Lootah & Associates
  • 17th Floor, Vision Tower 1, Al Khaleej Al Tejari 1 Street Business Bay
  • 02-11-2014 – Till Present


  • Bachelor’s Degree – Shiraz University
  • Private Law
  • 30-11–0001

Areas of Expertise

  1. Companies and Business Law
  2. Contracts and Civil Law
  3. Labor and Employment Law
  4. Real Estate and Tenancy

Bar Association

  1. Government of Dubai - Legal Affairs Department


  1. United Arab Emirates


  1. Arabic
  2. English


14 Jan 20

Do KISS and SAFE Notes require drafting and preparation?

The KISS and SAFE notes are both evolutions of the traditional convertible loan notes. A convertible loan note, is a form of short-term debt that converts into equity, typically in conjunction with a future financing round. In plain words, this means that the Investor (angel or institutional), would be loaning money to a Startup in […]

02 Sep 19

Developing Capital Markets in Lebanon

PREFACE Lebanon holds a special position in the region and has long understood the value of the banking sector and financial markets. Since the end of the civil war in Lebanon in 1991, everyone understood the value of money in reconstructing the country. Government officials and experts enforced the banking sector hereby facilitating the inflow […]

01 Jul 19

The 2019 Lebanese Commercial Law

Abstract The new Lebanese Commercial Law, Lebanon Law No. 126/2019, issued on 29 March 2019 and published in the official Gazette on 1 April 2019 came into force on 1 July 2019 (the Law). The Law is an amendment to Decree-Law No. 304/1942 dated 24 December 1942and introduces changes aiming to simplify formalities and procedures […]

02 Jun 19

Founders v. Lawyers

Relationships. One of the most complex issues that captivated writers and bloggers for as long as we can remember. In the midst of the rise of the knowledge economy and with most of our habits being disrupted by new ideas and creations, we find ourselves stuck in a world of chaos. A world where the […]

16 Apr 19

How lawyers work with VCs

After the 2007 financial and economic crisis, the world went into a new era that brought with it amongst others, salary cuts across industries, disruptions, startups, cryptocurrencies and venture capital firms. Indeed venture capital firms (VCs) have grown drastically alongside the startup ecosystem that flourished across the globe. One of the industries that got a […]

02 Mar 19

In the Wake of Blockchain

Blockchain technology has hit the world by storm and before we knew it, people were already conversing about blockchain during informal dinners and other social activities. Blockchain became popular through cryptocurrency and made its way to everyone’s life through the dream of becoming filthy rich. The blockchain is an undeniably ingenious invention – the brainchild […]

01 Feb 19

Copyright Law on the Internet

The human brain can be compared to a fascinating machine, constantly eager to create and innovate. It has a remarkable particularity of always finding something that the world could be missing, might that be an idea, a piece of art, a musical composition, or any other creation that it is able to come up with. […]

11 Oct 18


Lawyers are risk-averse. Many of us went to law school to get a stable well-paying job. The practice of law itself is all about reducing or allocating risk. Most lawyers who practice have never started their practice or started their own business, and they have no idea what the typical business person goes through on […]

05 Sep 18

The new age in corporations: equity crowdfunding and more.​

With new technologies looping around the corner, businesses are facing a hard truth to cope with: what was for granted in the last century is obsolete in this one. The grocer who relied on constant revenues from returning clients suddenly started feeling the pressure of low revenues at the end of the month; the carpenter […]

04 Sep 18


As a place to do business, and as a hub for the region and beyond, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) continues to be increasingly important, relevant and attractive to businesses from around the world. If you wish to be part of the ecosystem, you must have a physical presence on the ground. There are three […]

13 Aug 18

VAT in the Aftermath of the Oil Crisis

After the oil prices collapse and its drastic impact on the Gulf Cooperation Countries (GCC) economies, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) decided to give up on its long-run reputation of a tax-free lifestyle and force the general public to share the burden of budgetary expenditure. Following the passing of the Unified VAT Agreement for the […]

02 Jul 18

What you should expect from your startup lawyer

With Tech startups developing across the globe and disrupting industry after industry, legal needs are rapidly changing. Entrepreneurs are the enthusiast, active, passionate and devoted people looking for “results” and rapid scalability on all levels and metrics. Growth does not follow your typical patterns in such type of businesses and service providers should make sure […]