Lead Generation Service: FAQs

Premium Subscribers (from USD 69/Year) Benefit From our Free Lead Generation Service

Many of the 5,000 monthly visitors come to Lexyom looking for a lawyer to assist them with an issue. When they do not find a lawyer themselves, or they feel that their case is very specific, or they are not sure of what kind of lawyer they need, they contact Lexyom to help them find legal assistance.

Our service includes reviewing each lead for merit and forwarding the possible cases to local lawyers. We do not guarantee the number of leads that a law firm might receive over the course of the year as many visitors contact Premium plan subscribers directly.

To create a Premium listing for your firm, please follow this Link.

To upgrade your current Basic listing, please Log In.

How do law firms get selected to receive leads?
Lawyers and law firms are selected by their areas of expertise and location. To receive leads, a law firm needs to be listed with a Premium plan (only USD 69/year). Our legal team selects only a few law firms for the leads system.

Do other law firms get the same lead? How many other law firms?
Yes, other law firms may receive the same lead. The number of law firms sent the same lead vary, but it is typically 2 to 5 law firms.

Do I have to pay for leads?
This service is FREE of charge to any law firm listed on Lexyom with a Premium plan (starts at USD 69/year). Lexyom is not taking any referral fees or commissions for the leads.

How can I get more leads?
  • Sign up with the Premium plan to appear at the first position of the directory. This will increase the number of times potential clients will contact you.
  • Take full advantage of the Premium Listing features by updating your firm's information and lawyers' profiles. Don't forget that your full contact information appear on your listing, allowing visitors to contact you directly.
  • Check you sign up email’s mailbox frequently to find out whether there are new leads.

DISCLAIMER: While Lexyom attempts to eliminate any suspicious legal requests before submitting a lead to a lawyer/law firm, we cannot verify the validity of leads. Conduct due diligence to ensure the validity of the lead before engaging in any action with the visitor. We do not verify the facts, legal issues, legal basis or other information that may be relevant to the claims made by visitors who request your services and Lexyom cannot be held responsible for the content of the visitor's claim or query. By using the leads service, you agree that Lexyom shall not be liable for damages of any kind, including, without limitation, lost profits, special, incidental or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the lead. Your access to and use of Lexyom and the leads service is subject to additional Terms and Conditions of Lexyom.