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of Lexyom visitors have an urgent legal issue


of leads converted into attorney-client relationships

Our marketplace provides direct access to clients

Lexyom is the first online tool used by clients to hire lawyers in the MENA region. By building your profile, you will instantly appear in our network of local search results, getting in front of new potential clients.


Practice management tools

We offer lawyers free access to organize legal documents and clients’ matters. We also provide a full-service billing platform to track income and quickly send invoices and receive payment.

Free hiring opportunities

Search for the next talent to join your firm or stand out to lawyers looking to recruit. The more complete your profile is, the higher are your chances of being spotted.

Guaranteed payments

Your payments are guaranteed for the consultations you successfully complete for Lexyom clients on the platform. We handle your billing so you can focus on your legal practice instead of administrative logistics.

What Clients use Lexyom?



Both first-time and serial entrepreneurs use Lexyom to get consultations to form legal entities and to generally ensure their companies get off the ground with a solid legal framework. Individuals also get consultations on personal matters whether related to a divorce or a will.


Our startup clients use Lexyom to manage both their day-to-day needs (contracts, employment, corporate maintenance) as well as more specialized projects like intellectual property and venture financing.


Our larger enterprise clients often have dedicated legal teams but use Lexyom to keep up with general overflow work or tap into our broad network for projects that require a very specific degree of expertise.

Thousands of lawyers use Lexyom to streamline their practice

“Setting up my profile on Lexyom was very easy. I got calls and messages which turned into paying clients”

Dan Mounayar, Employment Lawyer

“It is the best way for a lawyer to be known and get recognition. I would not imagine launching my practice without Lexyom”

Manal Mazraany, Startup Lawyer


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does Lexyom cost?

    It is 100% free to create an account, access our document templates and use our document collaboration and billing software.

  • How do legal consultations work through Lexyom?

    1. Once you subscribe, you will have access through your dashboard to the call feature for a fixed fee. You will also be able to control your calendar availability.
    2. If the client chooses the 20-minute legal consultation that fits their needs, they will have to pay the full price upfront.
    3. You will receive the client’s contact information and you have to contact him or her at the agreed time.
    4. Once you complete the 20-minute legal consultation, you will get paid into your deposit account or by cash through wire transfer with OMT.
  • Can I ask clients to sign my terms of engagement?

    Yes, and we encourage it. Make sure your agreement aligns with the specific scope of the service.

  • Can I refer clients to my office for further work?

    Yes and we encourage you to build professional relationships with your client in the future. However, do not use the purchased service as a sales pitch.

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